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Born out of electric industry restructuring, the Restructuring Roundtable has been meeting five to six times per year since 1995 to discuss current topics related to revolutionary changes in the electric power industry in Massachusetts and throughout New England. Attendance at the Roundtable meetings averages over 200, with attendees representing a broad cross-section of regional stakeholders.
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12/21/2012 Meeting
U.S. Climate and Energy Policy in 2nd Obama Administration
Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy, U.S. EPA (Office of Air and Radiation)
Bracing for Storms in New England
Barbara Kates-Garnick, Energy Undersecretary, MA EOEEA
Bill Quinlan, Sr.VP Emergency Preparedness, Northeast Utilities
Marcy Reed, President, National Grid (MA)
Rob Thornton, President/CEO, International District Energy Association
Brian Swett, Chief of Environment & Energy, City of Boston
  Roundtable Agenda 12.21.12 (76k)
  Kates-Garnick Presentation 12.21.12 (146k)
  Quinlan Presentation 12.21.12 (10,611k)
  Reed Presentation 12.21.12 (633k)
  Thornton Presentation 12.21.12 (2,664k)
  Swett Presentation 12.21.12 (6,951k)
  Raab-Photo of Storm Damage (3,968k)
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* Photos from our 150th Gala/Symposium *

Moderator Jonathan Raab shares a laugh with morning panelists, Bill Hogan, Harvard University; Sue Tierney, Analysis Group; Peter Fox-Penner, Boston University; Richard Cowart, Regulatory Assistance Project; and John Howe, Poseidon Water.

Peter Fuller accepts Silver Jump Ball trophy for being the second most prolific speaker at the Roundtable, while Eric Johnson accepts the third place award for most prolific speaker on behalf of ISO-New England President and CEO, Gordon van Welie.

David O'Connor, New England Roundtable Founder and all-time most prolific Roundtable speaker, receives Gold Medal from Moderator Jonathan Raab.
Moderator Jonathan Raab introduces afternoon panelists, (L to R) DOER Commissioner Judith Judson; Maryrose Sylvester, President and CEO of Current, powered by GE; Anthony Eggert, Program Director, ClimateWorks Foundation; and Thomas Brostrøm, General Manager North America, DONG Energy
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Energy/ElectricityClimateEnvironment/Natural ResourcesOther Expertise

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